Mental Moonshine; Address to a Common Octopus; Last Will at Mercutio Press.

Fool's Errand; Jake; Been a Long Time; Small Song of Wonders; White Trash; Corona After the Blizzard at the University of Toronto Library's Canadian poetry website.

Portrait of the Nihilist as a Young Man; Sointula Sitka; Ego Sum; Maul; Religion; at The Book Mine Set.

Skunk at the PEI Poet Laureate's website.

Going Forward at The Afterword.

Wasteland at The Indextrious Reader.

Heron, False Creek at Brian Palmu's blog.

A Winter at Seen Reading. Audio.

A Winter at How Pedestrian. Video.

To the Superb Lyrebird, that Cover Band of the Australian Bush at The Best Canadian Poetry blog. Audio.

Slugs at Thirsty, the Biblioasis blog.

I at The Jeweller's Eye, October 2, 2013.

What He Found Growing in the Woods and A Winter, with Spanish translations by Lidia Valencia Fourcans, at the Biblioasis International Translation Series Blog.

Other links to poems below, under "Poems in Journals & Magazines."


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The Buzz, December 2015: Once Upon an Island" (Reprinted from Fool's Errand).

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The Island Review, October 2013: "Dream Vision of the Flood" & "Water Works."

"Wall of Miracles," April 2013: "Doe." (Poem printed on a card with an image on the verso; the card was attached by a string to a wall on the campus of the University of Exeter in England.)

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Cover Band of the Australian Bush."

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Harbour Codpiece"

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and "Earwig"

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"Nimble and Poise."

Eye Weekly, March 31 2005: "The Exterminator's Song to the Silverfish."
Listen to an interview about the poem:

Forget Magazine, February 2005: "Eclipse Sound," "Operation Surname" &
"Fenris Found Dead on Cornwallis"
. Reprinted from Unsettled.

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Blown Fuses" contest.

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And you, my comely cloudcounter, how low..."

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Co-winner, People's Poetry Political Poem Prize.

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"Permanently Temporary" won 2nd Prize in Fathom's poetry contest.